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"I throughly enjoyed your presentation and the interaction that accompained it. It should be mandatory for all to take this course. I have had previous training in this, which in essence is common sense, but the point hits home each and every time"

-Pat A.

Putting People First
to Increase Maxium Productivity

At NVJ we focus on the "people" part of business -
the ways in which communication, leadership,
motivation and relationships relate to enhance productivity. We believe a winning competitive
diversity strategy is founded on consistently understanding and predicting changing markets, workplace conditions and internal/external customer needs. Our diversity classes are equipped with
the tools to increase your organization's viability
and profitability through increased productivity
and innovation.


NVJ Consulting | P.O. Box 12401 | Reading, PA | Ph: 484-269-2997 | Get your FREE Consultation
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